Growing Your Auto Detailing Business in 2016


In todays world we have everything we would ever want to know at the palm of our hands, literally. Our cell phones are able to access the deep and vast world of the internet in the blink of an eye, delivering to us what ever information we request.


We can see who is leading the election polls at the current moment, look up our long lost souls, and see who is the best rated auto detailing company in Louisville, Ky.


Now a days you have to not only worry about your business’s physical appearance but your online/virtual appearance as well. Your stance and involvement with your customers virtually is whats going to be the biggest determining factor for new clientele who are in the search for your auto detailing services.


You have to realize that over 95% of Louisville, Kentucky has a cell phone now a days which means anyone who doesnt know anything about your auto detailing company will immediately go and look up your company on google. They’ll look at your Yelp reviews and even check and see if they can find you in the search engine itself.


If your customer cant find you, they won’t call for their auto detailing appointment, simply put. The average city with a million residents gets about 2,500 searches per month ¬†for the general keyword term “Auto Detailing.” If you were to be able to capture just 3% of that traffic every month you would more than likely double your auto details every month!


Being easily found online is one of the most important factors when it comes to growing your auto detailing business. The easier it is for you to be found online the easier it is to be influenced to submit a request to have their cars auto detailed.


Some advertising methods you should start looking into is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media advertising . I can’t remember who said it but there’s a quote that says A successful business advertises where the customers are, and where are your customers on a regular basis? Online!

Get to the top of the Search Engines, be all over the social media and interact with your customers. Make sure your customers feel appreciated and never let a bad review go unsolved. If people start to see bad reviews go unsolved they will immediately click the back button and find a company that seems more likely to solve any auto detailing problem that they might have.

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