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Soon customers will need Auto detailing, located in Louisville Kentucky, wait washing your car sitting in the waiting room with a cup of coffee in hand-courtesy of the house, and with his tablet in the other, connected the wireless Internet offers the same business.

While reviewing your mail and eat a snack, they can monitor the entire washing process through the windows around the waiting room, where they do not lose sight even for a moment his car. This business scheme is part of what lavacar offered today.

Far from the improvised clandestine services located in garages or on the street mushrooming few years ago, these businesses have been formalized and professionalized its services, which has also intensified competition for customers. The figures show that, between 2009 and 2012, the number of registered businesses rose 50% taxation and the amount paid for taxes grew three times.

These businesses no longer be dependent on another service within a machine shop, but they can fend for themselves. They have opted for customer convenience while waiting. “We have CCTV with remote surveillance 24 hours a day, waiting room, cable TV, wireless Internet and selling snacks and products for the car circuit,” said Jorge Pineda, owner of Pronto Auto.

Auto detail and Carwash, opposite Plaza González Víquez, runs a similar scheme. It has large green areas, soda and wireless Internet; also they offer home delivery.

How to compete?

Minimum services now exceed simple washing as it integrates waxed, polished and even cleaning the interior.

The process stopped being 100% manual to incorporate pressure washers and other equipment that allow better finishes.

The products are also key to compete, as brands like Meguiar’s or Chemical Guys make some customers opt for a local or another.

In three years the number of registered lavacars in the Directorate General of Taxation grew by 49.6%. It is mostly micro and small businesses that do not exceed 15 employees at best.

Allan Sanley is one of those just entering the market and admits he has had good results. Your local Amprocr located in Oreamuno, was born five months ago with the aim of selling the products it imports, the Ampro brand.

meguiars auto detailing

The differentiating strategy that is betting is that of a friendly business environment. “Water is collected in a tank and filtered for the washing process. Our products are biodegradable and hope in the medium term to be self-sufficient energy level with the installation of solar panels, “said Sanley.

Although the number of legal competitors, the sector indicates that the presence of illegal services and lower cost takes away some of the clientele increases.

Carwash Auto detailing managers and Lavacar Zayza, with 10 and 20 years respectively exist, agree that competition has been stronger in recent years.

“We feel more competition. This business has been growing but not as I would like. Have grown many costs, mainly electricity and labor and that affects “External Juan Zamora, owner of Lavacar Zayza, San Rafael de Alajuela.

Each carriage has

From 2009 to 2012 the amounts taxed by these businesses grew 3.3 times, reflecting a profitable move.

However, because it is a service that is not a primary need and can even make one yourself, it is difficult to maintain a steady clientele.

If a month, for example, a person has less money, it is easy to remove from your list of expenses washing the vehicle and can do it himself, considered several consulted entrepreneurs.

To attract these customers, some have chosen to take the services to them and not wait for sitting in a room.

Such is the case of Jefferson Soto, Lavacar K & M, who serves only home for five years. Soto moved within the Greater Metropolitan Area along with his assistant, machinery and products; even performs the internal cleaning of the vehicle.

“Sometimes there is work, sometimes not. I I promote on Facebook and on the recommendation, but in this business every car has, “said Soto.

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